Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh LeBron...

I guess by now the rumored cabana party is full go. LeBron arrived in Miami early this morning with Will Smith's unofficial Dade County theme song ingrained in his head. The "Miami Thrice," has become reality and it appears that the Eastern Conference has found its representative in the Finals for the next decade. Or so it appears. At this point in time, and probably up until February, this is nothing more than a multi-million dollar experiment. The Heat have become the most intriguing team in the league, but they deserve no crown. With four players on the roster (five if you count a pending Mike Miller) they are nothing more than a consummate Rucker Park pick-up team. With limited talent lurking in the mid-level exception category, composing a "team," will be a challenge for Coach Riley. "Coach Riley?" Yes. This is his baby and you think he's not going to want to take control? Eventually there will be unrest within that team, (like all teams), and Riley may use that as an excuse to take over and manage his purchased egos. But look for the Heat to be a perennial Eastern Conference juggernaut.

Back to Lebron. Why not Chicago? No experiment in Chi-town, that team is ready to win. Rose blowing up next season seems imminent, not to mention Boozer. Gibson is a nice player off the bench and Deng can play. And Joakim Noah...the talking heads at ESPN jocked him hard for the past three months. Aside from looking and playing like a crack addict he doesn't bring much to the table. ESPN advertised him as a premier paint man, although he is only a poor man's Rodman. However, you gotta like the guy. He plays hard every night and brings intangibles that most players don't have (like Strahan sized gapped teeth.) Either way, the Bulls are built for LeBron to fit in perfectly. He can still amaze us in Chicago, but more importantly he can win.

LeBron's move to Miami creates an element of ambiguity. We have a man who has basked in vanity for several years, yet seems fine with possibly being a second option on a team. How is it that LeBron deems it necessary to have his own prime time televised "decision," but he is also willing to take a pay cut? Why didn't Lebron announce his South Beach intentions with Wade and Bosh? It may be about winning, which is something to be commended and admired. LeBron's legacy will definitely take a hit, even if he wins 10 titles. The comparisons to Michael, Bird, Magic, and Kobe (yes, Kobe) will cease to exist. But that seems to be fine with LBJ. If this really is a selfless act by a superstar athlete, then it is to be applauded. Stay tuned because this situation is bound to get juicy one way or another.

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